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Joyful Harvest
Heart Is Talking.......
Is There Anybody.....?

Heart Is Talking.......

Heart talking ....

O Proud woman!

A worthy girl!
 Your heart is talking,
 Get down and listen.

Good characteristics

Thee, is a thousand in you.
But you do not have
Good faith, in you.

You trust the people,

Why do not believe your heart?
You trust the relationships,
Why do not consider yourself?

Are you know?

Where are the expectations?
There are will be 

Relatives, They lived

 by your kindness, True. 
You have done your duty,
 Why do you expect advantage?

You are carry on your

 shoulder, The load has 
got down, Well, 
why is it tired of carrying it,
 in the heart today?

As a widow,

Can you say now, 
These are good and soft
 loads to carry?

Friend, find yourself

 with in you.
Do not look for
any relationships.

You are the next of kin

 for you, Agree it. 
No anyone to compare
 with You, learn it.

Even if the world

Hates you, You will 
not hate yourself.
Though Relationships change,
You will not change.

 Why do you know

Because, You only knows
Yourself, your quality and
your greatness. 

nothing has happened

bad yet. My friend,
Enough to fall. get up.

You are a poem,

If you read yourself.
You are a art of beauty,
If you draw yourself.
You are a miracle,
 If you wonder yourself.

You are a temple, If the

 Lord lives in you.
You are a sculptor. 
You carve yourself.

 Still need to go far,

 The distance to go further.
As you, many orphans
need help, to do further  

 Take out the burden 

of your heart, Feel easy,
 The wings will germinate,
Do not walk, can fly.

You have to beat 

yourself to win. decide,          
victory or defeat?
walk with Success.
O Heroic feminine!

 Your welfare only 

I wish, Always safe
with you. Do not
get me lost too.


 with love and care .....

Your heart!

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