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Joyful Harvest
Heart Is Talking.......
Is There Anybody.....?

My lovely Heart....

You'er born with me
Grown with me
Live with me
Also going to wane with me
O my heart,!

My love is you
My knowledge is you
My joy is you
Of course, my 
Cry is you too.

You're in my birth
You're in my favor
You're in my thought, also
You'll be in my resurrection.

There are thousand of 
Secrets within us
Lots of Happy
Moments within us
Many conversations
within us, but
We never crossed
our limit.

I am you, You are me
Not to deny this.
You'er my life of life,
In this relationship
is not blemished.

When the breath is stops,
We too will be
 in the last sleep.
Until then, We'll live as
Fragrance flowers...!